Many museum collections include animal taxonomy specimens killed in the last few centuries by explorers and hunters before the importance of animal conservation became recognized. The London Natural History Museum collections include a Mountain Gorilla collected from the Lake Kivu area of the Democractic Republic of Congo, most likely inRead More →

The polar bear is at risk because its amazing habitat is literally melting as the planet warms. ‘Historically, straits and fjords should be choked with ice or totally frozen and travel should be impossible. But not of late and not this year. Instead we had nearly total freedom to roamRead More →

Our second story is dedicated to the maned three-toed sloth. It spends most of its life in the branches of trees, either hanging upside down or sitting in a fork. It is the most threatened sloth species, because it is only found in the Atlantic coastal rainforest of Brazil; aRead More →

October’s stories are inspired by Global Climate Change Week 2019, 14th-20th October. The Week originated at the University of Wollongong, Australia, and is now in its fifth year. It provides an open-ended framework for voluntary activities aimed at raising awareness, inspiring behaviour change and driving political transformation in relation toRead More →