There are a number of penguin species on the Antarctic continent. Perhaps the most famous are the Emperor Penguins, standing over 1m high. Ever since the first explorers reached the Antarctic, they have been the subject of human fascination and study. The Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge includes, withinRead More →

Antarctica is a place of international scientific research where curious minds brave the elements to discover more about the history of our planet. There are many secrets frozen in the thick white ice-sheets which cover this continent. Find out more by reading this story. The recent crash of a ChileanRead More →

Living in Antarctica is an extreme experience. How do you survive the utter cold and feeling of complete isolation from the rest of the world? Max Robertson is intrigued by this question, and in this story explores what everyday life is like on this icy continent; briefly comparing the experiencesRead More →

Today is Antarctica Day 2019! Sixty years ago, on 1st December 1959, the Antarctica Treaty was signed to protect this vast continent’s environment and to promote international scientific cooperation. Fifty-four countries are signatories to the Treaty, including Chile, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom. During December we will markRead More →