The Mediterranean Sea has been an international theatre of trade and migration since ancient times. Shipwrecks discovered in its depths, often by accident as fishermen searched for sea sponges, are echoes of this long history.  This short story is a reflection on cinnamon and its connection with the complex MediterraneanRead More →

Shipwrecks provide important insights into our global history as surviving evidence for the movement and trading of goods and people that have driven the world’s economies from early times.  In this series, which will run throughout 2020, we will map many of the known surviving shipwrecks across the world fromRead More →

On 13th January 1917, in a small English village hospital, a Māori soldier sadly died. His Ngāti Porou mother felt her pain across the great oceans that separated them. This was her second son lost to the distant theatre of war in northern France. Our story is written by GeraldineRead More →