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A Virtual Journey Around the World: Week 20

Calling all geography teachers! Can you help? We would love to hear more about how you are planning to consider the impact of Covid-19 pandemic as a subject in the classroom, and how we can develop resources to help.

Learning about the impact of pandemics should not just be about statistics, but also centred on empathy with people, communities, places and identities at the heart of the story.

We are interested in how the impacts of Covid-19 on local and global society will influence the teaching of geography in the classroom. Can resources like our World Heritage Sites Explorer make a useful contribution? With its emphasis on connecting students with the diverse and vibrant natural and cultural heritage of our planet’s communities, as context for the live challenges faced both during and post-Covid 19?

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Virtually visiting 1 UNESCO World Heritage Site in each country every day. As of today, the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the countries visited is 16,061,940 (UN World Health Organisation). All but 6 of these countries have reported cases, and all but 15 at least 1 death. 562,932 people are known to have died in these countries ‘visited’ to date, although even a brief review of the statistics suggests real numbers are distorted due to differential access to testing. Globally over 22.7 million cases have been reported worldwide (2 million more than a week ago), with 794,435 deaths. Behind each of these numbers are human lives lost and changed forever.

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