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Ann Moore

Haslar Museum attracted thousands of visitors from 1827 – 1860.

At the same time Ann Moore was visiting Haslar Hospital Museum, Mary Anning (above) was breaking barriers for women in science – discovering important fossils in Lyme Regis

On 23rd February 1842, Ann Moore visited with a Lieutenant H. Gould of the Royal Marines. Gould was serving on HMS Formidable at the time, and they may have visited as part of a larger party while the ship was at Portsmouth.

Several of these visitors were women interested in science, although at this time in history many (not all) would have visited in the company of men. It is much harder to find out more about the women who visited Haslar because there is less history that has survived about their lives. We know nothing about Ann Moore and don’t have a picture of her. This would be an interesting project to work on – making visible these more hidden histories in our past.