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Become an Island Biosphere History Detective

We need your help! The Giant of Chale, notorious chaos merchant of myth and legend, has returned to West Wight threatening to spoil its beauty unless we show our love for this landscape’s past. The Giant challenges you to investigate and find as many historic locations on our Trail as you can, take a photograph of yourself acting out a past story from each place, and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #iwbiosphere

A fun way for families and active adventurers young-at-heart to explore the heritage beauty of West Wight during the Isle of Wight Biosphere Festival and beyond!

You can complete all or part of this trail by car, bike, a combination of bus and walking, or even from the comfort of your own home! You will need a smartphone device with 4G/5G roaming data to follow this trail, although a downloadable PDF version will also be available.

Between us all, hopefully we can calm the Giant of Chale and keep this landscape beautiful for future generations!

Disclaimer: The Trail is being prepared with great care and checked at the time of publication. However, changes to the landscape and the environment can happen over time, weather conditions, construction projects, closures or other events may cause directions to differ from advice given. We cannot accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies that result from any such changes.

When following the trail by foot and by road you are entirely responsible for your own safety and that of any accompanying children and/or pets. Always exercise common sense, judgement and caution. We accept no responsibility for any personal accident , injury or public liability while following this trail.

While following the trail using a map or a phone, care should always be taken that you look where you are going, we accept no responsibility for any accident that results from you being unaware of your surroundings.