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Choose your own history to map

Learners choose their own history interest to create an interactive digital map using Create The Earth Museum.

Step 1: Each learner chooses their own history interest – football, skateboarding, family history, battles etc.

Step 2: Find a map online to print off and use as a guide for each learner. Research the sites/ events/ objects/ stories they wish to add to the map using online and other sources. Write a label with the name of the site/ event/ object on it. Pin the label onto the map in the location they would like to add each site/ event/ object.

Step 3 (optional): For each pin, produce something creative to accompany their pin – a drawing or a few words (50 max) why they have chosen the item, or a short story imagining they were an actor in history in that place/

Step 4: Provide a photograph of the first finished map (good enough to see the label text when zoomed in) to The Earth Museum (TEM) and any creative material accompanying

Step 5: The Earth Museum will use Create The Earth Museum to upload and share the map with. you, and seek your approval to publish – either fully public or password protected. Here is an example of a map created using Create The Earth Museum.

Step 6: Teacher(s) CPD session on how to use Create The Earth Museum, using the first learner map as example. Teacher(s) produce rest of learner maps using Create The Earth Museum with support of TEM team. You can register and explore this platform by following the link above, and using the discount code provided separately. Guidance can be found by linking to Getting Started from your dashboard.