Create The Earth Museum

Coming soon – a pilot prototype for testing.

Welcome to Create The Earth Museum – our prototype platform designed to make it easy for you to create your own Interactive Digital 3D Explorer Maps.

It’s work in progress; we are keen for you to trial it in your own context and provide us with feedback on what works well and what we can do to develop it further. If you are interested in helping us pilot at this design stage please get in touch at

Potential uses for our new resource include:

  • In a museum, heritage or community setting:
    • Volunteer teams working with aspects of community heritage can create maps of their own for sharing on your website/ via social media
    • Community workshops involving local people bringing their own heritage content (objects/ memories etc) to create a collective map
    • Workshops where participants select content from your online collections on from The Earth Museum published Explorer maps and create their own collective map
  • In a classroom learning setting:
    • Students working individually or together in teams to create their own maps for themes related to the curriculum, drawing from:
      • Existing content on The Earth Museum
      • Content researched and discovered independently online
      • Content gathered from their place and community

Even better – with your permission, we’ll also add your content to The Earth Museum World of Treasures too!