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Home » Expedition to Undiscovered Lands (Ryde): Waymarker #1

Expedition to Undiscovered Lands (Ryde): Waymarker #1

Expedition to Undiscovered Lands
50.7300° N, 1.1633° W

Entry for 11th October…year unknown
Recorders: EP/ PP/ Bennelong

We have arrived on the island. We sailed out of Portsmouth behind the SS Pevensey Castle, but were soon in a thick sea fog, and we lost sight of her and could soon no longer hear her engines. We believe she may have come to some nautical misfortune. There were strange sounds in the fog, like the howl and squeals of a broken wireless set. Something has reversed the polarity of our compasses, and our watches seem to work intermittently – sometimes running fast, sometimes stopping altogether.

We arrived here through the fog into darkness, although it was morning when we left the mainland. Even stranger, the island seems to be abandoned. The PS Medway Queen is here – we last saw her in the summer, when we took a trip to Southend, but just a few months later she looks derelict. We considered setting up camp on her, but with the sea fog and with one of the local guides we brought with us scared of ‘sea devils’ – hah! – we have moved inland and have found shelter in the store room of a shop at grid reference SZ593928.