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Home » Expedition to Undiscovered Lands (Ryde): Waymarker #12

Expedition to Undiscovered Lands (Ryde): Waymarker #12

Expedition to Undiscovered Lands
50.7300° N, 1.1633° W

Entry for 22nd October…year unknown
Recorders: EP/ PP/ Bennelong

Well, the last planned day of our expedition has been rather surprising. Edie went for a walk, and as she slid into the fog I watched her. Dressed in a suit with a rather manly cut, with her hair in a short bob, pipe in hand, she is really quite a character. She was gone for most of the day, and came back just as I was starting to worry. She returned with a distinct swagger, an enamel pin of a rainbow in her tweed lapel, lipstick on her collar, and a broad smile. After our failure to find any locals, it seems Edie has spent a day amongst them. She has reported marching in a parade alongside them – they were most accepting – and then dancing alongside them at some festival. Edie has brought back a significant ethnographic artefact, a flag in all the colours of the rainbow which is, we suspect, the standard of this unusual island.

While we are due to head back to the harbour tomorrow, Edie wishes to stay. I shall have to decide – return to Kent alone, or, as they say ‘go native’ here on the island? What would that new life be like?