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Home » Expedition to Undiscovered Lands (Ryde): Waymarker #6

Expedition to Undiscovered Lands (Ryde): Waymarker #6

Expedition to Undiscovered Lands
50.7300° N, 1.1633° W

Entry for 16th October…year unknown
Recorders: EP/ PP/ Bennelong

While Edie was in the back yard trying to take a fix on the sun through the fog, and Henry and Bennelong were investigating neighbouring shops in search of more supplies, there was a knock at the door! Two Americans (hurrah!) – the first a man I now believe to be some kind of shaman. He was a wild-haired man dressed in the most incredible coloured clothes – a loose top, and trousers of the most remarkable cut, all in the same coloured, patterned fabric. He introduced himself as Jimmy, and I took him for a fool in his motley. But no, he laughed when I asked, and he said the other man, Bobby, was a jester. He, though, was dressed all in white and looked more like a preacher. Bobby sang a verse of the folk song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ to me, as they disappeared back into the mist. He had a scratchy voice, but it was rather beautiful. The last I heard him say was a warning – that the beetles were here and I should watch out for them. Are the local insects dangerous?