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Exploring The World Through the Lens of the Met Collections

Our first month exploring the world through the lens of the Met collection has taken us on a journey through a stunning selection of creative sense of place short films on Vimeo.

We have entered the domain of animation and imagination with Peter Van Valkenburgh’s parallax animation of Katsushika Hokusai’s woodblock print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” , and been ‘Trapped in Time’ by Naghmeh Farzaneh’s animation inspired by motifs on ancient Iran’s pots.

We have stepped back into the past of archaeology at the Met with Digging Into the Past Egyptian Excavations – 1920 Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In The Mysterious Angkor Wat by Humanity, two local Cambodians, Yut and Chor, speak about the mystery, history and beauty that surrounds this temple.

And the short film about the Soqotra Heritage Project made by two Yemeni women inspires with their determination to document the intangible heritage on their remote island home.

We travel through the beauty and drama of In Russia, Colors of Vietnam, The Grand Tour to Florence, Algeria. Dreams about the Desert, and Ethiopia, a visual diary.

And are struck by the wisdom of indigenous voices on our planet in Yup’ik Language (Alaska) and Hidden Valley (Papua New Guinea) where people speak out for their language, their river and for their future.

With artists inviting and challenging us to think and reflect on the past and its legacies in the work of Shambuyi Wetu (artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo and refugee in Sao Paulo), Aimé Mpane, Ignacio Acosta, Adjoa Armah and Elio (IN-FLO-RES-CENCE artist in residence).

Each object in a museum collection has deeper sensory meaning to explore when re-connected with people and place. These short sense of place films help remind us of the humanity of which they and we are an integral part.