Fragments of Hope: Protecting the Belize Coral Reefs

FRAGMENTS OF HOPE is a learning resource designed to engage students primarily aged 10-14 years in global citizenship values, while learning about the impact of climate change on the Belize Coral Reef System and the work of local communities to protect this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Developed in partnership with the conservation charity, Fragments of Hope.

KEY LEARNING OUTCOMES: how environments can change as a result of human actions, with specific reference to how carbon dioxide produced by humans is affecting climate and oceans; different ways in which a citizen can contribute to the improvement of his or her local and global community; ability to describe and understand the Belize coastline and coral reef system; developing competencies in geography and GIS. (Includes links to short film clips on Vimeo, Twitter and YouTube).


Fragments of Hope: Protecting the Belize Coral Reefs Interactive Map

Fragments of Hope Protecting the Belize Coral Reefs Introductory Video

Additional learning resources on Fragments of Hope website