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Map Your History

Your Place

Are you a local group wishing to create a heritage trail for your community, sharing stories on your own website, and with The Earth Museum?

“The Earth Museum takes a simple idea, and makes it magical. Working with us on Back and Fill, it became clear that it’s not just about adding pins to a map, but about adding layers of meaning, challenge, and enjoyment to real places. The Earth Museum unlocks the stories in the streets around us, and makes our heritage interesting and relevant.”

(Dan Thompson, Margate)

From £200

Your Collection

Are you a museum, private collector or heritage organisation with a collection you wish to map on your own website, and with The Earth Museum?

“Through The Earth Museum, we can share more of our collections with a wider audience in a carefully considered and curated way; providing a wealth of interpretative information that cannot be provided within a restricted physical display space; and engaging local volunteers in creating content.”

(Bromley Historic Collections)

From £200

Your Family Archive

Have a diary written by an ancestor, or perhaps a special family album? Create a personalised heritage map as a quirky gift for a family member!

“A wonderful resource for recording and bringing cultural and historical items to life through their, often lesser-known, stories. The maps and images allow users to travel ‘virtually’ to different places and times. The mapping of the WW1 soldier’s Egyptian tour really adds a new layer of context to a simple family letter.”


From £200

Join The Earth Museum

Become part of our fledgling community, linking people around the world’s cultural and natural heritage, as champions of global citizenship.

“The great benefit of working with The Earth Museum has been having a trusted partner, familiar with how objects communicate a story, and participating in expanding our narrative on Lawrence. The platform is for us a completely new visual tool, allowing audiences to share in Lawrence’s travels and literary journey, from Eastwood to the world.”

(D.H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum)

£150 annual membership

To find out more, just get in touch at: