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Undiscovered Lands: A Mapping Expedition to Ryde

In October 2021 (or was it?), a mysterious band of time-travelling explorers led by the Powell-Powell sisters landed in Ryde to investigate this town’s wonderful history. They left a trail of clues along their route from landing at the beach and making their way uphill to the High Street. You can uncover their story and some of the discoveries they made by following their journey.

Following in their footsteps, we came to visit Ryde for a week so we could learn more about this great place from local people and local museums. Take a look at the map we made plotting stories from local people and objects in local heritage collections.

Undiscovered Lands Ryde (Our Time Travellers’ Journey)

Undiscovered Ryde (Mapping Local Heritage Stories)

These resources were developed as part of an experimental high street pop-up experience developed by The Earth Museum and partners. Story written by Mr Dan Thompson Studio, and objects provided by the Museum of Ryde and Isle of Wight Heritage Services.

Many thanks to the town of Ryde for their welcome. We hope to be back soon!

This project is generously supported by:

Ryde Heritage Action Zone

Historic England


Historic Ryde Society and the Museum of Ryde

Isle of Wight Heritage Services

Beachcombers, Ryde

Framers, Ryde

Pickle & Dill, Ryde

Gibbs & Gurnell, Ryde

Cancer Research, Ryde

Her Whey, Ryde

WightSight, Ryde

Mountbatten Shop, Ryde

AgeUK, Ryde

Kids and Co. Clothing, Ryde

Salvation Army, Ryde

TaV Cycles, Ryde