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The Army Canteen

The Army Canteen

The Isle of Wight had significant military presence during WW2 – forces were based here while waiting to fight in Europe and the Island had its own defences against invasion too. As well as the Home Guard of local people, other volunteers were chosen to form a secret guerrilla army in case of German invasion. Water canteens would have been issued as a standard piece of kit.

(If you are in a group, perhaps take turns to read each story out loud in character!)

On the Isle of Wight lived four people: one was called Sam and the rest were called Penny, Henry and Bennelong. As they were walking one day, Sam glimpsed a CANTEEN out of the corner of his eye. ‘OMG is that a canteen?’ asked Sam. ‘Yes it is, Sam. It would have been used for holding water’ said Penny. ‘And alcohol? asked Sam? He went into the shop to buy the canteen, and when he came out said ‘Drinks on me guys!!’ Deciding they were thirsty, they went to a bar.

As Sam and his mates were drinking to their hearts’ content, they were interrupted by someone. ‘HEY YOU! You are sitting on our table’, said the man. ‘Who’s asking?’, said Bennelong. ‘Me! And me and my mates don’t like you being here’.

Sam GASPed at what the man said. ‘Well then if you’re gonna be like that, then I’m going to be like a woosh!’. Sam threw a punch at the man and then every single person in the bar were fighting. ‘If we want to survive, we need to work together’, said Sam with firm courage.

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