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The Earth Museum: Dive In and Explore

Imagination is a never-ending source of inspiration. But what of the real places and people of the World and the detailed heritage marks they make in our landscapes and museums? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if everyone was given the chance to explore them from a virtual platform, high above the Earth, in outer space? Here, with a flick of their finger, they could spin the globe to see any place they wished. Or zoom down to its surface, where the abundance of such treasures and the stories that surround them, lurk within the shadows of landscape or the dusty vaults of museums.

Well imagine no more! Welcome to The Earth Museum, a brand new and innovative concept with its virtual vault of experiences to dive in and explore! Now you can embark on your own voyage of discovery, seen through the lens of the world’s cultural and natural heritage, and go somewhere or see something, fresh, exciting or just intriguing.

On a day that offers so much hope for the world with the potential of a Covid-19 vaccine, it is a privilege to launch our new website for The Earth Museum. With new content and current favourites re-designed for curious travellers and school educators, there is so much about our connected world to discover. Dive in and explore!

NB This resource requires the latest versions of most common desktop browsers, and works best with Chrome and Firefox. It also supports most common current iOS and Android mobile devices. 

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