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#Undiscovered Ryde: Experimenting with a New History Pop Up Experience

Thanks to the generosity of Ryde Heritage Action Zone, The Earth Museum has recently created an experimental pop-up experience in the coastal town of Ryde. Inspired by anecdotes from this wonderful town’s past, Mr Dan Thompson wrote a story about a band of time-travelling explorers. They land in Ryde on the Isle of Wight and leave clues of their discoveries behind. Generous shopkeepers looked after these clues in their shop windows as part of a QR code trail to follow during a couple of weeks in October.

Our team based themselves in Ryde for half-term week at the AspireRyde shop on the High Street and Ryde Library. We invited people to drop in with stories as we created a map based on the Museum of Ryde collections. We learnt many new nuggets of history to add to our map. Who knew about Ryde’s hip nightclub scene and the famous pilot, Amy Johnson’s connection with Ryde. To name just a few. This map is now published and available on The Earth Museum.

You can discover more about the project and resources produced by following the link here.

A huge thank you to everyone in Ryde who supported our project. We look forward to coming back and working again with you soon!