Key Stage 2: Isle of Wight Before 1066

KS2 History Curriculum LinksLocal history

Significant historical events, people and places in locality

Identifying similarities and differences in different periods

How knowledge of the past is constructed from range of sources

Study over time tracing how aspects of national history are reflected in locality

Note connections, contrasts and trends over time

Develop appropriate use of historical terms

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Digital Maps

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Field Trips

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KS2 STEMPupils explore a variety of everyday materials

Compare materials on the basis of their properties

Consider changes that are difficult to reverse (e.g. rusting, rotting)

Sequence events in chronological order using language

Compare, describe and solve practical problems involving measurements

Measure and begin to record lengths, height and weight
KS2 GeographyTypes of settlement and landuse

Economic activity including trade links

Topography and climate zones

Use digital Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Use maps, atlases and globes
KS2 EnglishPractising spoken language

Asking relevant questions

Maintain attention and participate in conversations

Listen and respond appropriately to their peers and adults

Retrieve and record information from non-fiction sources