KS3 STEM Isle of Wight Science Inventors and Innovators

KS3 Science Curriculum LinksWorking Scientifically: scientific attitudes; experimental skills and investigations; analysis and evaluation; measurement

The difference between chemical and physical changes

Importance of understanding chemical properties of materials in solving social problems

Importance of understanding laws of physics in relation to: Forces; Pressure; Waves
KS3 Technology Curriculum LinksAnalysing the work of past and present professionals

Understanding developments in design and technology

Understanding and using properties of materials
KS3 Maths Curriculum LinksSolving multi-step problems through mathematical knowledge

Using scale factors and scale diagrams

Using geometric properties of faces, surfaces, edges and vertices to solve problems

Draw and measure line segments and angles in geometric figures, including interpreting scale drawings
Key ThemesIsland inventors and innovators
Designing ship and boat plane hulls for speed and safety
Measuring earthquakes – John Milne and Tone Horikawa
Diving deep – the Deane Brothers, Siebe Gorman, the Mary Rose and the history of diving

Capturing and playing with light – the photography of Julia Margaret Cameron

Learning Plan and Related Resources

Learning Plan

Full of ideas that can be used to develop your own tailored learning and lesson plans. 1 lesson plan and 3 suggested field trips.

Digital Map

Link to digital maps available for this learning plan.

Field Trips

Link to place-based field trips offered by Isle of Wight museums