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World War 1 and The Last Goodbye

Discover the WORLD WAR 1 EXPLORER learning resource, and THE LAST GOODBYE: PERSONAL EXPERIENCES OF WW1 learning programme, designed to engage students aged 10-14 years in global citizenship values, while learning about World War 1 in history, geography and social action subjects.

THE WORLD WAR 1 EXPLORER is a learning resource designed to engage students, aged 10-14, in reflection on the truly global nature of World War 1 and its impact upon people’s lives across the world in the past, and into the present. It can be combined with local WW1 history sessions to provide a global context; and used in the classroom to support educational activities for history, geography, social action and cross-curricular teaching. (Includes links to short film clips on Vimeo and YouTube).

THE LAST GOODBYE is a course of 1 hour lessons plus assignments for students, primarily aged 12-14 years, designed in partnership with Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust. The course can be followed in its entirety, or elements incorporated into shorter programmes.

KEY LEARNING OUTCOMES: World War 1 as a global event of empires; the impact of WW1 on people’s lives; greater awareness of the world we live in and how it is shaped by our history; museum artefacts as historical evidence.


World War 1 Explorer Resource

Session 1: Video

Session 2: Video

Session 3: Video

Sessions 4 – 6: Teachers Notes and Video (coming soon)