Salt made in Lymington was exported across the Atlantic Ocean to small European ports constructed close to the fishing grounds of Newfoundland. Here, its history intersects with the demise of indigenous Beothuk communities, displaced from their maritime hunting and fishing grounds by these C17th, C18th and C19th arrivals. ‘The SpiritRead More →

Indigenous people around the world are being especially impacted by Covid-19. The Navajo Nation in the western United States has reported 5,533 cases to date, and an infection rate five times that of the US average nationally. In Brazil, at least 332 Covid-19 deaths and 7,208 cases have been reportedRead More →

There are 45 volcanoes with ongoing eruptions as of today across the world. From the Saunders and Erebus volcanoes in Antarctica to Klyuschevskoy in Russia and Popocatepeti in Mexico. Living with volcanoes is an everyday part of people’s existence in many global communities, and our museums contain artefacts and archivesRead More →